Tech Hangout: React VS. Angular


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Kyiv, Vatslava Havela, 6z "INNOHUB"


JAN 23 2019 - regular meeting of the Tech Hangout community will take place at INNOHUB. The event will be devoted to the topic of React VS Angular.

We will focus on sharing some actionable advice from the specialists who are dealing with React and Angular engineering issues. We guarantee that all guests of the meetup will have a chance to listen to the fascinating speakers giving talks on cutting edge topics. Rest assured that you’ll have an excellent Wednesday!
After the official part participants are encouraged to continue the discussion in more informal atmosphere enjoying various snacks and beer.

TECH HANGOUT COMMUNITY was founded in 2012 by developers for developers with a goal to share knowledge and experience. Such meetings are an integral part of Innovecs Educational Project that actively works in the field of internal training and knowledge exchange programs among professionals. This initiative was born within Innovecs and has proven to be extremely popular and in high demanding. The concept of the event includes 30-minute reports on the predefined topics, as well as the discussions in a roundtable session format.

19:00 - Welcome word
19:15 - Idan levin will tell how to Scaling up your front-end with Micro frontends: "Angular or React? Is this the right question?
2 years ago, we in our priject decided to build our front-end clients from scratch.
One of the first questions we asked was "Angular or React?"
Today when we start a new project we don't ask this question anymore.
Even the answer we got 2 years ago doesn't really matter.
Micro frontends changed everything!"

20:00 - Andrew Zavadsky, Lead Software Developer with hot topic "Angular: Elements on 🔥".
Andrew expertise is Fullstack Developer, PHP, AngularJS, recently switched to Angular, Experience with Ionic, Node.js, TypeScript

We'll announce other speakers as soon as possible ;)

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